Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update: Intoxicated Driver Causes Fatality on I-5

August 30, 2011- The woman killed on Tuesday, by the intoxicated man driving the wrong way on Interstate 5, has been identified as Shirley Snyder.

The other occupants of the vehicle were taken to the hospital with major to moderate injuries.

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Highway 99 Crash Lands Semi Truck in Canal

August 31, 2011- A driver of a semi truck from Ohio, was airlifted to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, after his truck crashed on Highway 99, in Tulare County.

The big rig driver, Jay D. Allen, was driving northbound on Hwy 99, on Tuesday morning, north of Avenue 328. His Peterbuilt truck drifted onto a dirt shoulder at about 60 mph. Allen lost control and the rig entered a dry canal, called Cross Creek, and slammed into the embankment.

Allen’s injuries were moderate. His semi truck was completely destroyed.

Golden State Blvd Fatality Between Chowchilla and Madera

August 26, 2011- A 16 year old Chowchilla boy, Jose Trinidad, died Friday evening when the car he was a passenger in was struck head-on by a man suspected of drunk driving.

Trinidad was in the front passenger seat of a 2001 Hyundai that was headed north on Golden State Boulevard, a frontage road on the west side of Highway 99. The accident occurred north of Avenue 20, between Chowchilla and Madera, about 15 minutes north of Fresno, right before 9 PM.

Trinidad was one of four teenagers in the Hyundai, when it was hit by a 2006 Infiniti that was driving south on Golden State Blvd.

The Infiniti’s driver, Sancho Kibufu, of Encino, was reportedly driving at a high speed when he crossed the center line and crashed into the Hyundai.

Kibufu was taken to Madera Community Hospital with major injuries, before being arrested for felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter.

The driver of the Hyundai, a 19 year old man, and the two other passengers, were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries.

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Intoxicated Driver Causes Fatality While Driving Wrong Way on I-5

August 30, 2011- An intoxicated man drives his car the wrong way on I-5, north of Hwy 41, killing one person and injuring three others, early Tuesday morning.

The Highway Patrol has reported that the San Francisco man was driving a 2001 Volkswagen south on the northbound lanes, while under the influence, just south of Lassen Avenue.

Charles Snyder, of Moreno Valley, was headed north in his 2002 Ford Explorer, with three other passengers. The intoxicated man collided head-on with Snyder’s vehicle. The right front female passenger, in the Ford, was killed when the vehicles collided.

Snyder complained of pain in his right leg. His other two passengers, April Murphy, of Moreno Valley, and Donnell Watts, of Riverside, were also hurt. Murphy suffered a severed liver, fractured hip, and cuts to her face. While Watts, complained of pain in his neck.

The drunk driver fractured his neck, right hand, and several ribs.

All injured parties were taken to the local hospital.

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Teenager Killed in Rollover Accident in Fresno

August 30, 2011- A 17 year old teenager from Central High School in west Fresno, died Tuesday afternoon when his car rolled and hit a power pole.

The driver’s three passengers, who were also Central High School students, all received minor injuries. All four occupants were reported to be wearing their seatbelts. At this time, the identity of the occupants have not been released.

The accident occurred at about 2:45 PM, on McKinley Avenue, near Rolinda Avenue. Just east of the Central High School West Campus. The driver was westbound on McKinley, when he lost control of his car, hit a power pole and then a tree. Then the car rolled and hit a horse corral.

The CHP said they are not sure why the car left the road. There were no witnesses to the crash.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pedestrian Hit While Running Across Highway 41

August 26, 2011- A pedestrian, Samson Imperatrice of Fresno, was hit by a motorcyclist while trying to run across Highway 41 on Friday.

Imperatrice was in the center median of Hwy 41, north of Friant Road in Fresno, when he began running across the northbound lanes of the freeway. He was struck by a motorcycle driven by Ricardo Hernandez, of Fresno, as he ran across. The Highway Patrol said Hernandez tried to swerve left to avoid Imperatrice, but could not avoid the runner.

The crash threw Hernandez from his motorcycle. He received minor injuries and was taken to Saint Agnes Medical Center. Imperatrice was taken to Community Regional Medical Center with major injuries.

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Police Officer in Bakersfield Strikes Cyclist Causing Fatality

August 26, 2011- A Bakersfield police officer hit and killed a bicyclist Friday afternoon at about 12:45 PM.

Officer Peter Beagley was driving in an unmarked police vehicle, and collided with bicyclist Samuel Dohn Boyd, of Bakersfield, in the 200 block of H street. Beagley was driving north on H Street, and Boyd was riding north, as well, along the east curb line.

As they traveled north, Boyd suddenly turned left and tried to ride west across H street, moving directly in the path of Officer Beagley’s vehicle. Beagley was unable to stop in time and struck Boyd.

Boyd was taken to Kern Medical Center, where he died.

The accident is being investigated by Bakersfield Police Department’s traffic division. Beagley, who has worked for the department for 6 years, has returned to duty.

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Big Rig Collides with SUV in Fowler

August 29, 2011- A crash southwest of Fowler, 15 minutes from Fresno, closed the intersection of Clovis Avenue and Manning Avenue at 1:18 PM on Monday.

A big rig slammed into an SUV. Then, reportedly, the semi truck caught on fire. No other details are available at this time. We will update on this accident once they become available.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fatality on Southbound Hwy 99 near Madera

August 26, 2011- A fatality occurred Friday afternoon at 3:30 PM on Highway 99 when a 1997 Honda Accord crashed into a big rig, near Madera, which is 10 minutes north of Fresno.

The driver of the Honda, Jerri Fuller, a woman from Rancho Cordova, was driving north on Hwy 99, south of Avenue 21 ½. She veered left from the pavement, and slid across the dirt median into the oncoming southbound traffic.

The driver of a tractor-trailer rig, Kevin Barth of Wisconsin, swerved to avoid the Honda, but not soon enough. The car hit the left side of the trailer and the rear wheels rolled over it, breaking the rear axle from the trailer.

Jerri Fuller died at the scene of the accident. And Barth was taken to Madera Community Hospital with minor injuries.

Witnesses of the crash reported that Fuller was driving between 65-80 mph when she left the northbound lanes of the highway.

The CHP don’t know why the car sped across the median, into the southbound lanes.

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Eastbound State Route 58 Closure after 3 Vehicle Collision

August 25, 2011- A three vehicle collision on Thursday afternoon, resulted in the closure of Highway 58. The accident occurred at about 3 PM.

A GMC box van traveling east on State Route 58, just east of Broome Road in Bakersfield, was hit from behind by a big rig. After the two vehicles collided, a third big rig also became involved in the crash.

The driver of the box van was identified as Matthew Chapman, of Wichita, Kansas. The semi truck, that hit the box van, was driven by Darren Soard, of Crystal Lakes, Missouri. While the third truck driver was identified as Barry Golden of Ridgecrest, CA.

It is reported that Golden suffered major injuries and had to be medi-flighted to Kern Medical Center. The other two drivers suffered minor injuries.

Officers said alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

Route 58 remained closed for about 3 hours for the removal of the damaged vehicles.

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Substance Abuse Counselor Hits CHP Car in Bakersfield

August 23, 2011- Jessica Woodward, a former substance abuse counselor was arrested for DUI after crashing into the back of a CHP vehicle on Tuesday night.  The crash happened in Bakersfield, at about 10 PM, in the 1800 block of Gosford Road.

Woodward struck the back of the Highway Patrol car while officers were completing a traffic stop, at Ming Avenue and Gosford Rd. The collision caused the patrol car to hit the stopped vehicle.

The two CHP officers, and Woodward were taken to Kern Medical Center with minor injuries after the accident.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tulare County Deputy Flips Vehicle in Porterville Area

August 23, 2011- A crash involving a Tulare County Sheriff’s deputy from the Porterville substation happened on Tuesday. Deputy Oladapo Popoola, was returning from a call in the Porterville area when he crashed, and his 2004 Ford sheriff’s vehicle rolled onto its top.

The accident occurred at 10:30 AM, on Chimney Road, just south of Reservation Drive, before the Tule River Indian Reservation and east of McCarthy Ranch.

The CHP have reported that the deputy was driving west on Reservation Rd at 35-40 mph, when his vehicle drifted off the pavement onto the dirt shoulder. He over-corrected and struck a dirt embankment, and the car flipped over.

Popoola was taken to Sierra View District Hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Police have reported that alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fatality Near Lemoore on Highway 41

August 26, 2011- This morning an unidentified woman died in a crash on Highway 41, near Lemoore, 30 minutes from Visalia.

The accident occurred at about 5:30 AM. The victim was driving southbound on Highway 41, north of Glendale Avenue, in a 2002 Chevrolet truck, when she was struck from behind. She was hit by a 1997 Chevy pickup driven by, Guadalupe Guzman, of Kettleman City.

Both trucks burst into flames after the crash. Guzman was uninjured, and the other driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Update on Big Rig Crash on Hwy 99

August 23, 2011- Updated information about the big rig crash on Highway 99, in south Modesto. The driver of the semi truck, is Roger Goreham of Strathmore. The malfunction of his vehicle was caused by a blown tire, which caused him to loose control.

Goreham suffered minor burns and cuts from the crash. His passenger Rodney Goreham, of Manteca, suffered, many broken bones and severe burns.

The driver of the Toyota minivan, that Goreham hit after loosing control of his truck, was Kwai Kwan of San Francisco.

The overpass pillar that the truck collided with caused the fuel tank to rupture, and the fire to start. Goreham kicked out the driver’s side window, so that he and his passenger were able to escape just before the fire erupted into the cab.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Highway 99 Offramp Collision in Fresno

August 24, 2011- A crash in southwest Fresno, Wednesday just before 10 AM, causes two men to be hospitalized. The crash happened at the Stanislaus Street off ramp from Highway 99.

The authorities and witnesses, said the driver of a car with Wisconsin license plates exited the freeway at a high rate of speed. He did not stop at the stop sign at the end of the off ramp, and slammed into an SUV that was headed west on Stanislaus St.

Both drivers were taken to a local hospital to be treated for injuries.

Fatality on Highway 216 after Man Tries to Cross the Road

August 22, 2011- A man was killed Monday evening, east of Woodlake which is 20 minutes from Visalia. The victim, Eduardo Castillo Topete, of Woodlake, walked out of an orchard and into the street, where he was struck by a truck.

It is reported that Roberto Garcia, of Lindsay, was driving a 1999 Mazda pickup truck westbound on Highway 216 at Wells Street when Topete attempted to run in front of him. Topete was pronounced dead at the scene.

This accident requires more investigation, please call Attorney John Rozier. 559-713-0159

Drunk Big Rig Driver Causes Crash in Bakersfield

August 19, 2011- The intersection of Vineland and Muller roads in Bakersfield were the scene of a big rig crash, in Bakersfield, Friday night. The accident happened just before 11 PM.

The CHP said that Enrique Castillo, Jr. the driver of the semi truck ran a stop sign and was then broadsided by another car. After the collision his semi flipped. Castillo then proceeded to get out of his truck and flee the scene on foot.

The driver of the other vehicle, Teresa Flores, received major injuries and was taken to Kern Medical Center.

Castillo was later found, and was arrested for felony DUI and hit-and-run.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Big Rig Truck Crash Causes Highway 99 Closure

August 23, 2011- A semi truck carrying cars crashed Tuesday afternoon, on Highway 99. The crash left vehicles strewn on both sides of the freeway, in south Modesto. All the lanes of the freeway were shut down near the East Hatch Road overpass, after the crash occurred at 3:15 PM.

The accident happened when the big rig malfunctioned, hit a Toyota minivan, and then slammed into the Hatch Road overpass pillar. The driver of the semi, carrying cars on the back of a double-decker trailer, was traveling south on Hwy 99 when he lost control, after something went wrong with the rig. He smashed into the minivan and both vehicles careened into the center divide, taking out a section of the overpass support pillar.

The big rig, ended up in the center divide of the freeway. Some time after the collision the truck caught fire, and the flames licked at the concrete before being extinguished. It is reported that the Department of Transportation officials were called to check on the stability of the overpass.

Three people were injured in the crash. The driver of the semi truck and his passenger, as well as the driver of the minivan, all suffered minor to moderate injuries. They were taken to a nearby hospital.

Because of the accident, traffic remained backed up on the highway, onramps, and side streets until about 5 PM, while the officers worked to clear the wreckage.

Please call if you would like us to investigate this accident. The event data recorders with the airbag modules may have recorded the vehicle speeds. And we can look into what caused the semi truck to malfunction. Our firm is located in Visalia, south of Modesto. Attorney John Rozier. 559-713-0159

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Man from Visalia Drives Car off Bridge and into a Canal

August 21, 2011- A driver of a Toyota Corolla drove off a bridge, in Ivanhoe, and into a canal on Sunday at 6:15 PM. John Alvarado, of Visalia, and his passenger were unharmed by the crash.

Alvarado was attempting to make a turn from Charter Oak Drive onto a small bridge at Road 180, but went into the water instead. A tow truck was able to remove the car from the canal after it floated about a quarter mile from where it had entered the water.

Alvarado was arrested by the CHP for driving under the influence.

Southeast Fresno Accident Injures 5 People

August 20, 2011- A side-impact crash occurred in southeast Fresno at 6:05 PM Saturday night. A Sanger woman, was driving south on Temperance Avenue. She stopped at the intersection of Temperance and Belmont Avenue. After stopping she entered the intersection, when a Fresno man driving west on Belmont failed to stop and crashed the front of his car into the side of the woman’s car.

The woman suffered major injuries, and her two passengers received some minor injuries. The driver of the other vehicle and his passenger also suffered some minor injuries. All were taken to Community Regional Medical Center.

The CHP has reported that neither alcohol or drugs were a factor in the accident.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Rural Kings County Crash Results in 4 Injuries

August 13, 2011- An accident occurred on Saturday at about 5:30 AM, in rural Kings County, about 30 minutes from Visalia. Banuar Ramiento, of Hanford was driving south on 10 ½ Avenue, south of Lansing Avenue, in a 1994 Mustang when his vehicle drifted off the right side of the road. It is reported that Ramiento then overcorrected and drove right into the path of a 2009 Avalanche, which was driven by Aurora Lopez, of Corcoran.

A passenger in the Mustang, Zanaida Ramiento, was taken to Adventist Medical Center with major injuries. Banuar Ramiento sustained moderate injuries. While Lopez and her passenger Evelio Chavez, received minor injuries from the crash.

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Fatality on Road 60 Near Goshen

August 18, 2011- Maria Elena Gomez, was driving a 2011 Honda Civic late Thursday night when her car ran off the roadway and crashed into a fence east of Goshen. She suffered fatal injuries and was declared dead at the scene of the accident.

The crash occurred at Road 60, north of Avenue 308. Gomez was traveling southbound on Road 60 at about 10:25 PM, when the vehicle went off the road, colliding with the fence located in front of a house.

Gomez was the only occupant in the vehicle, and it is reported she was wearing her seatbelt. The CHP are investigating the crash, to determine why the car drifted off the roadway.

Please give us a call, if you are a relative or are in touch with the family, and would like us to investigate this accident further. We are located in Visalia. Attorney John Rozier 559-713-0159.

Big Rig Carrying Beer Flips Over in Kerman

August 18, 2011- A semi truck carrying beer overturned Thursday morning in Kerman, west of Fresno. The accident occurred at about 7 AM on Jensen Avenue, just east of Goldenrod Avenue.

The crash sent cases of beer into a nearby vineyard. The driver was taken by ambulance to the hospital to be treated for a concussion. The cause of the accident is not known at this time.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Visalia Business Hit By Out of Control Car

August 15, 2011- A local business in Visalia was hit by an out of control car on Monday. A driver ran her vehicle into the front of Clay Café, on Main Street at about 4:35 PM. The collision caused the windows of the business to shatter, and some damage to the brick facade. No one was hurt.

The driver of the car lost control when she accidentally pushed her gas pedal instead of the breaks. All the customers in the café had left 30 minutes before the accident happened. There was only one employee in the store at the time the incident occurred.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Woodlake Police Officer Injured in Crash

August 12, 2011- Friday evening at 6 PM a Woodlake police officer, who was on his way to assist another officer, was injured when he crashed into the side of a downtown building in Woodlake about 15 minutes from Visalia.

The police car was heading to the 400 block of East Lakeview Avenue in response to a call from another officer requesting assistance in dealing with a combative civilian.

The vehicle headed south on North Valencia Blvd. with its lights and sirens on, and attempted to turn left onto East Lakeview Ave, but turned too wide and ran up the curb into a downtown business, Aaron’s Salon.

It is reported that speed was a factor in the accident. The officer’s name has not been disclosed at this time. But it has been disclosed that he is a three year member of the police department.

The officer involved in the crash was taken by ambulance to Kaweah Delta Medical Center in Visalia.

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Big Rig Carrying Glue Crashes on Highway 58

August 13, 2011- Saturday afternoon, two big rigs sideswiped each other on eastbound Highway 58, west of State Route 202 in Tehachapi, which is about 40 minutes from Bakersfield.

The crash caused extensive damage to the trailers, which spilled more than 700 gallons of glue on to the highway from one of the rigs. The other rig was hauling produce.

The Kern County fire crews used sand and dirt to stop the liquid glue from moving further and to keep it from causing environmental damage to the area.

One of the semi truck drivers was injured and taken to a local hospital by ambulance.

Damage to both trailers is reportedly put at around $200,000. The cause of the accident is being investigated by the Highway Patrol.

This accident requires much more investigation. Please let me help. Attorney John Rozier in Visalia 559-713-1059.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crash at Olive Ave on Hwy 99 Causes Lane Closure

August 15, 2011- A crash on southbound Highway 99 closed a portion of the freeway Monday morning, in Fresno. The Highway Patrol said that one of the southbound lanes were blocked at Olive Avenue after a rollover accident.

The overturned car was towed off the highway, and the lane was reopened a couples hours later. No word yet on whether there were any injuries, or what caused the crash.

Deputy Rolls Car on Highway 119

August 15, 2011- A sheriff’s deputy in Kern County near Bakersfield was injured Monday morning after rolling his patrol car.

Deputy David Stephens was traveling on eastbound Highway 119 north of Taft at around 2 AM when he had to make a sudden evasive move to avoid hitting a disable vehicle on the highway. The patrol car hit a telephone pole and continued to move along the dirt shoulder, before the car overturned.

According to the CHP Stephens was driving between 60-65 mph at the time he encountered the disabled vehicle, which had been involved in an earlier crash.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update on Fatal Highway 41 Crash

August 6, 2011- An update on the fatality that occurred on Highway 41 and State Route 145, in Madera County, about 25 miles from Fresno. The driver of the Mazda that was killed has been identified as Pamela Sue Sease, age 52. The Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident.

Toyota Prius Crashes While Merging Onto Hwy 99

August 15, 2011- A driver of a Toyota Prius was injured on Monday morning while driving on Highway 198, 5 minutes from Visalia. The woman’s car veered from the road while she was attempting to merge onto northbound Highway 99.

Her car ended up on the railroad crossing above Highway 198. The driver (name unknown at this time) was able to walk on her own at the scene, but did suffer some injuries. She was taken by ambulance to Kaweah Delta Medical Center.

No one else was involved, or hurt in the accident.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Highway 99 Crash Between Goshen and Traver

August 13, 2011- A crash Saturday night was reported on southbound Highway 99 at Avenue 328, about 15 minutes from Visalia, between Goshen and Traver.

A driver of a white 1996 Toyota Corolla, Henry Carrillo, III, told police he fell asleep at the wheel and the automobile veered right onto the shoulder of the highway and hit a tree, at around 8 PM.

It was reported that Carrillo suffered a broken right arm and hand lacerations. One of the passengers, Henry Carrillo, Jr., broke his left arm and had lacerations to his head. While Marina Carrillo, the third passenger in the vehicle, complained of neck and back pain. All three victims were taken by ambulance to Kaweah Delta hospital for treatment.

According to the CHP alcohol did not play a part in this crash.

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Fatal Collision in Southwest Fresno

August 13, 2011- A traffic collision early Saturday morning resulted in a man being killed, when his Jeep was struck by an oncoming car, in southwest Fresno.

It is reported that the driver of the Jeep, Henry Hernandez, of Clovis, was driving southbound on East Avenue, when a 2006 Chrysler 300 traveling north on East Ave. crossed the center line, crashing into Hernandez’s vehicle.

The two vehicles collided at the Commerce Avenue intersection at about 5:30 AM. The driver of the Chrysler was taken to Community Regional Medical Center with moderate to major injuries. Hernandez died at the scene of the accident.

The police reported that speed was believed to be a major factor in the crash, but the cause of accident has not yet been determined.

We are interested in researching the cause of this accident. If you need a lawyer, please call Attorney John Rozier, your personal injury specialist handling all crashes. We are located in Visalia. 559-713-0159

Monday, August 15, 2011

Semi Crashes Through Two Yards in Fresno

August 11, 2011- Shortly after 11 PM, a semi truck crashed through two backyards in a Southeast Fresno neighborhood. It happened as the driver was turning from California Avenue onto Sunnyside. Police said the driver lost control, smashing though a cinderblock fence and the two yards before coming to a stop.

No one was hurt in the crash, but there was extensive damage done to both backyards. Paul Hunt, one of the home owners, said that he was in shock, and wondered how such a thing could’ve happened.

Police said that the big rig driver had a suspended license, and tried to flee the scene of the accident, but some neighbors stopped him. He was reportedly arrested for driving under the influence. He was taken to the hospital for a medical condition, not related to the accident.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Highway 180 East of Dickenson Ave Crash

August 12, 2011- An accident on Highway 180, east of Dickenson Avenue, in Fresno County closes all lanes on Friday afternoon. A car crashed into a power pole, right before 2 PM. PG&E crews were called in to fix the poles and wires. No reports are in about whether the person involved in the collision was hurt. The cause of the crash is unknown at this time.

Highway 152 Crash Near Los Banos

August 5, 2011- On Friday morning an accident occurred on Highway 152, west of the Romero Visitors Center near Los Banos. It was a collision just involving one vehicle that ended up blocking the eastbound lane and traffic. The driver of the vehicle was reported to have minor injuries, and was probably taken to the hospital.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bakersfield Hwy 99 Crash Involving Two Big Rigs and Another Vehicle

August 12, 2011- A man in Bakersfield is seriously injured on southbound Highway 99 when he rear-ended one semi truck, and then had his disabled car slammed into by another semi. The collision happened around 2:30 AM just north of White Lane. At this moment the driver of the car has not been publicly identified.

This accident requires much more investigation. Please let me help. Attorney John Rozier in Visalia 559-713-1059.

Lexus Collides with Semi Truck in Fresno

August 11, 2011- Thursday morning a collision occurred between a Lexus and a big rig, southeast of Fresno. The crash left the driver of the Lexus pinned under the semi until rescue workers could get him out.

The semi truck driver told investigators that he was eastbound on North Avenue just before 9 AM, and had a green light at the intersection. The Lexus was going north on Clovis Avenue, reportedly at an estimated speed of 55 mph. He told the CHP that he saw the Lexus but could do nothing except brace himself for the impact.

Witnesses of the accident agreed with the truck driver’s account, that the Lexus went through a red light and slammed into the side of the big rig. The impact of the collision knocked the front axle off the truck and pushed it out of the intersection.

It appears the truck driver was not injured. The driver of the Lexus was hospitalized. No word yet, on how severe his injuries are.

Before the vehicles are repaired or totaled, the air bag black box data can be retrieved to answer many questions about the accident. Please give us a call to get started. I am located in Visalia on Caldwell. Attorney John Rozier 559-713-0159.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peach Truck Accident near Hilmar on Highway 165

August 10, 2011- A big rig carrying 50,000 pounds of peaches overturned on Highway 165, near Turner Avenue in Hilmar, at 11:30 AM. The driver, Juan Florencio Gomez, told the Highway Patrol that he was traveling at about 35 mph on the highway, heading south.

Gomez came to a curve in the road, and a cable holding the load of peaches to the trailer broke, causing the load to shift with the turn. Because of the shift in weight the truck and trailer both tipped over, dumping all the peaches in the bins onto the shoulder of the highway.

The driver suffered minor injuries to his left arm and was taken to a local hospital by ambulance. There were no other vehicles involved in the crash.

Atwater Train Collision

August 9, 2011- At 11:15 AM on Tuesday a freight train collided with a silver Nissan that was attempting to race the train along Santa Fe Drive, in Atwater. The crash occurred at Bellevue Road and Santa Fe.

Witnesses reported that they saw the Nissan drive through the control arms at the railroad crossing, right before the car was struck by the train. The vehicle spun several times, but the passengers were seen walking around after the accident. They were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Accident in Delhi, CA Leads to 9 Year Old's Death

August 8, 2011- On Monday night near the town of Delhi, a 9 year old was killed and two other children were injured when they were struck by a car, while walking along the street.

The CHP said Manuel Mercado of Delhi, was driving his Cadillac west on Oak Street near Sycamore. The kids were walking on the north edge of Oak Street near Sycamore, when Mercado’s vehicle stuck all three.

Lenny Sanchez, 13, and Marlene Guerrero suffered minor and moderate injuries, respectively. The 9 year old, who has not been identified at this time, died at UC Davis Medical Center.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vehicle Ends up in Canal on Demaree Street

August 4, 2011- On Thursday Julie Gresham, and her husband Greg, of Tulare were heading south on Demaree Street when their car left the road and landed in a canal. The canal crosses Demaree St, just south of Visalia Parkway. Greg Gresham climbed out of the vehicle on his own, while firefighters responded to the accident and carried Julie out of the canal. Both were taken to Tulare Regional Medical Center with minor to moderate injuries.

Pedestrian Hit by Vehicle at Tulare Ave. and Giddings St.

August 9, 2011- A pedestrian was hit by a car at Giddings St. and Tulare Avenue, in Visalia on Tuesday. Witnesses reported that a PT Cruiser driving west on Tulare struck the man near the northeast corner and fled the scene. The man was taken to Kaweah Delta Medical Center to be treated for his injuries.

Bakersfield Marine Dies in a Tragic Accident

August 8, 2011- Anthony Hamilton, a local Marine from Bakersfield, was killed in a car crash on Monday morning around 2 AM near San Bernardino on his way back to Twenty-Nine Palms.

Twenty-Nine Palms is a Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force Training Center in southern California. Anthony Hamilton was an active Marine stationed at the base.

According to the coroner’s report, Hamilton was speeding, and lost control of his vehicle. He then overturned several times. He was killed on impact. The passenger in the car suffered minor injuries.

Please give us a call, if you are a relative or are in touch with the family, and would like us to investigate this accident further. We are located in Visalia. Attorney John Rozier. 559-713-0159.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sierra Ave Crash in Kingsburg

August 9, 2011- A Ford Taurus crashed into a vineyard on Sierra Avenue, east of southbound Highway 99 in Kingsburg. Only minor injuries are reported.

Semi Truck on Hwy 180 Flips and Spills Piping

August 9, 2011- A semi-truck flipped onto its side at about 6 this morning. Witnesses told the Highway Patrol that the big rig was moving about 15 mph when it suddenly lost control and turned on its side, as the driver was leaving eastbound Highway 180. The accident occurred at Blackstone Avenue, in Fresno.

The driver told the CHP that he felt the load of piping he was carrying, shift on the trailer just before the crash. The accident will slow down the morning traffic for a few hours while workers collect all the piping, and clean up the diesel fuel that has spilt.

The driver was in his semi with his 3 kids and his wife. Several of the family were treated for minor injuries. No one was seriously hurt.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fatality on Highway 41 near State Route 145

August 6, 2011- Saturday on Highway 41 a fatal crash occurred near State Route 145, in Madera County. The driver of a Mazda was trying to pass in the busy southbound lane. When the vehicle went to pass the car in front of it, it crashed head on into a blue Ford Escape. Both the Mazda and the SUV spun around.  The SUV ended up on its side, along the edge of the road.

The driver of the SUV had to be cut out of the vehicle, by the fire department. The driver of that Mazda, sadly, died at the scene.

The CHP said that passing is allowed on that part of the highway. But it should be done with caution. Especially during busy weekend traffic.

The driver of the Ford Escape and the passenger of the Mazda were taken to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno.

Highway 58 SUV Crash

August 4, 2011- Thursday on westbound Highway 58, two SUV's were involved in a rollover collision during the morning rush hour traffic, in Bakersfield at Chester Ave.

It is reported that ambulances were called to the scene of the crash. The extent of injuries from the accident are not known at this time.

Crash Near Tulare Result in 2 Boys Being Ejected from Vehicle

August 7, 2011- An accident occurred near Tulare on Sunday morning. Two boys, Angel Alvarado and Diego Alvarado, were thrown through the back window of their 2000 Nissan sedan, and injured. The crash also injured two other people, happened at Road 132 and Avenue 228, at 9:25 AM the CHP said.

Leticia Alvarado, of Tulare, was driving the vehicle, with the boys in the back seat. Reportedly, the boys were not wearing their seatbelts.

There are stop signs for traffic heading north and south at the intersection, but not for traffic heading west and east. Alvarado stopped at the stop sign at RD 132, at Ave. 228. She then drove into the intersection, right into the path of a 2002 Toyota sedan driven by Julie Conelly, of Visalia, who, according to the Highway Patrol had the right of way.

The Toyota hit the left rear of the Nissan, which spun and threw Diego and Angel out the rear window into a pasture near the corner of Avenue 228, before the car hit a power pole.

A helicopter ambulance called to the scene landed in the same field and transported the boys, who were conscious, to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno. with moderate injuries, and Leticia Alvarado, who was wearing a seat belt, was taken by ambulance to Kaweah Delta Hospital in Visalia. Julie Conelly received only minor injuries, and declined to be taken to the hospital.

The CHP officer said it is not clear at this time, why Alvarado attempted to drive through the intersection with the car approaching. Nobody was arrested or cited immediately following the collision. The initial investigation showed no indications that either driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Accident on Interstate 5 and Highway 43

August 5, 2011- More information has come in about the crash that occurred on the onramp of I-5 and Highway 43. A 61 year old woman, Maria Este Montejano De Magana, from Baldwin Park died when her Chevy Suburban that she was riding in blew a tire and flipped off I-5 north of Hwy 43.

The CHP said, six other people, were in the van as well. A 5 yr old boy (name not released), was not injured. The driver Juvento Magana, plus a 38 year old woman and three teenagers, were taken to the area hospitals with major to minor injuries.

The Highway Patrol said, that the driver was driving north on Interstate 5 when the right, back tire and rim came off the Suburban. Magana lost control of the van and it overturned. The incident happened 6:18 a.m. on northbound Interstate 5, one and a half miles north of Highway 43.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Highway 190 Tipton Crash, New Details Emerge

August 2, 2011-  The accident that occurred Tuesday, on Highway 190 and Road 152 near Tipton that was caused by the driver of the truck, Juan Gabriel Reyes, was confirmed by the DMV that he was driving on an expired license.

Reyes, ran a stop sign and crashed into the probation van that killed him and two teenagers; Ingrid Coronel, 17, and Deshawn Moore, 15, both from Porterville.

It appears that, CHP officers were told by witnesses that Reyes was driving 90 to 100 mph when he passed them moments before he ran a stop sign at Highway 190 and was struck by the county van carrying eight teens and their driver. The  van was traveling east on Highway 190 at 55 to 60 mph, the CHP said. The Tuesday crash occurred four miles east of Tipton at 11:05 a.m.

The other van passengers, Abel Auntunez, 15, of Lindsay, and Robbie Hernandez, 16, of Porterville, were  medi-flighted to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno. Abel was in good condition and Robbie was in serious condition Wednesday.

Five others were taken to Kaweah Delta Hospital in Visalia. The CHP on Wednesday identified them as Edgar Saucedo, 17, Reynaldo Millan, 15, and Pablo Rodriguez, 15, all of Porterville, and Sonny Gutierrez, 17, of Lindsay. Pablo's injuries were listed as major by the CHP. The others had moderate injuries.  Darrel Fitzgerald Drone, 45, of Lemoore, the driver of the county van, was in good condition Wednesday at Kaweah Delta.

According to the report, The CHP's initial investigation said Drone and Ingrid appeared to be the only ones wearing seat belts. They were in the front seats.

Final results are not yet in--please call us if you want our independent engineer to take a fresh look at the accident.  We are here to help and answer any questions.  John Rozier, 559-713-0159.

Accident at Demaree and Caldwell in Visalia

August 4, 2011- An eastbound Nissan Titan truck and a GMC van collided at Demaree Street and Caldwell Avenue on Thursday in Visalia. Police said the truck’s driver, David Hukill, 52, of Visalia, ran a red light while going east on Caldwell, tried to avoid northbound vehicles in the intersection and struck the van in the westbound lanes.

Both drivers were taken to Kaweah Delta Medical Center with complaints of pain.

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Crash on Highway 43 Closes Ramp to I-5

August 5, 2011- The Highway 43 onramp to northbound Interstate 5 is closed this morning because of a traffic collision. The closure is expected to last at least two hours.

More information will be provided on this accident, as it becomes available.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Highway 190 accident victims identified

August 2, 2011--The victims from Monday's fatal accident on Highway 190 in Tipton have been identified.  Driving the truck was 37 year old Juan Reyes.  Juvenile victims include Ingrid Coronell and Deshawn Moore.

This accident requires much more investigation.  Please let us help.  Nelson and Rozier in Visalia  559-713-1059.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Highway 190 accident in Tipton takes 3 lives

August 2, 2011--3 killed in Tulare County yesterday including 2 juveniles being transported in a Probation Department van.  This accident occurred at the intersection of Highway 190 and Road 152 east of Tipton.

Issues to be investigated include whether excess speed on the part of the van contributed to the accident, whether the pick-up truck was on the job, and whether the intersection itself was unsafe.

Before the vehicles are destroyed or repaired it will be important to download the air bag module data about speeds prior to impact and to measure the evidence at the scene.  Please call us to get started.  We are a personal injury lawfirm located right here in Visalia just 30 miles from the scene of this accident.  Attorney John Rozier 559-713-1059.  Our expert engineer can be out there today.